"Carmen directed me in her short film SLICE with a simple solution that got me thru with ease: trust myself as an actress. When I needed her help in certain scenes she guided me with her years of experience as an actor and teacher. I totally put my trust in her and came thru with flying colors."

Kathrine Narducci (Actress - The Sopranos)

"When Carmen Milito directs on a movie set, as she did for me and my colleagues of the cast of SLICE (Long Island Film Festival Comedy Winner), we had a focused, helpful leader and a collaborator in our corner. Carmen is strong, determined, fun, open to ideas, and creates an artistic atmosphere for an actor to excel in. Her cast and crew adored her and went above and beyond the call of duty to make a good project great. She sets a tone that is rarely available to actors and crews today and the result is a wonderful new family in its most positive and supportive form. You want to work with Carmen."

Allan Wasserman (Actor - Curb Your Enthusiasm)

"I have been fortunate to have worked with many of the great directors: Cassavettes, Robert Mulligan, Scorsese and more. So for me working with Carmen was really interesting because it was like being at the beginning of one of these great careers."

Lelia Goldoni (Actress - Shadows)

"Whether directing a cast or coaching an actor one-on-one, Carmen's passion for unearthing the truth of a scene or character proceeds on a moment-to-moment basis. Working with her both on “Old Times” and “Beauty Queen of Leenane” is truly a collaborative experience in which creativity trumps results. Her positive energy and natural curiosity allow both the actor and the material to soar!"

Linda DeMetrick (Actress)

"Working with Carmen in “Silent Heroes” was such a pleasure as she has such compassion for so many different kinds of characters. Carmen's gentle, kind approach, coupled with her incredible life experience, allowed a safe yet thrilling experience of discovery throughout our entire process."

Heather Simon Risinger (Actress)

"Carmen Milito is a one-of-a-kind director who fully understands the creative process and directs the actors to find their own hidden gem and bring it out to the surface. I have never seen a play twice but I went to see "Silent Heroes" twice because it was amazingly directed with poise, insight, vulnerability, and full of heart-wrenching emotional and intense moments truthfully unfolded by the actors. I believe Carmen is one of the few "actors' director" who has embarked on a journey to express the unstoppable human spirit and she is a haven for actors looking for guidance to explore and express their full potential.”

Shaunt Benjamin (Actors Studio)

"Carmen and I go back many years as acting students together and later she directed me in projects and coached me for auditions which I landed because of her work with me. She knows how to take your individual talent and make it shine. There is no better Director or Coach in the business. I'll go anywhere to work with her!"

Diana Angelina (Actor/Comedian)

"Carmen Milito teaches the actor to make a viseral connection to their character with a complete embodiment. Connections like that are pure gold for the actor."

Rebecca Brunk (Actress)

"Carmen has a gift for nurturing the artistic side of the actor, while managing the technical aspects of acting and film-making. She has superb taste in actors and can bring out their best creative work."

Elizabeth Barnes (Casting Director)

"A generous director, strong minded and extremely gifted. Carmen can easily weed out false moments and capture genuine impulses"

James Madio (Actor – Band of Brothers)

"Carmen was such a delight to work with. As a playwright, I was blown away by her attention to details in the script, her insightfulness and the depth with which she explored my work. She is a director I definitely hope to work with again!"

Linda Escalera Baggs (Playwright - Silent Heroes)

"Carmen Milito is the real deal. She pays meticulous attention to detail in performance and direction. I've acted in several of her productions and she makes sure everything on that stage supports the story, supports the world and supports the acting. When you work on a film or play she's directing you can rest assured that she won't let a false beat occur. When Carmen works on a piece she puts her whole self behind the project and she doesn't rest until every beat is realized. She is a wonderful acting coach who always asks the right questions that are like little keys that open the doors to character. I consider Carmen a mentor and I feel lucky to call her a friend."

Deanna Raphael (Actress/screenwriter - Slice)

"Carmen is one of those directors/coaches who everyone says, "is the best in the biz", but you always secretly think, "How good can she actually be?" Then you work with her and you realize everyone is right. She's absolutely amazing! I wish I could have Carmen on call 24hrs a day."

Paul Scheer (MTVs Human Giant/ NBC's 30 Rock)

"Working with Carmen is truly a gift. She is ALWAYS willing to take the ideas and thoughts of her actor but has a clear view of what she wants and knows how to get actors to their best performance."

Jane Hajduk (Actress)

"Carmen has coached me on auditions for most of the jobs I've booked. She has incredible insight into the human spirit, and always asks me questions about the scene I wish I had been able to ask myself! I highly recommend her!"

June Diane Raphael (Writer - Bride Wars)

"As a playwright and screenwriter, I have had the privilege of working with Carmen on several projects. She is insightful, talented and persistent both as a director and acting coach."

Sue Flakes (Writer)

"Carmen Milito's charm, intelligence, and immense skill with actors were all more than evident in her direction of “The Beauty Queen of Leenane."

Tom Baum (Writer)

"Carmen is a delight to work with. I’ve worked with her many times and feel very safe in her very capable hands. I love it when she breaks down the script so that an understanding of the circumstances is clear."

Bruce Kirby (Veteran Actor)

"As a director, Carmen fearlessly takes on challenging projects that most people would run from, and finds a way to make them look easy. She is fiercely committed and wise and brings integrity to all of her work. She may start out as your director, but through the process, she stands strong, guides you with her wisdom, and in the end you find a true friend.

As an acting coach, Carmen has incredible insight into why people behave the way they do. She is able to analyze a script quickly and come up with the questions that guide you into YOUR most creative possibilities for your character. She helps you find your way to bringing intriguing, powerful characters to life."

Eileen Grubba (Actress)

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